Friday, August 20, 2010

Learning & Transition Strategies for Military Veterans

Fall 2010: SSC 1150, Section 25
Learning & Transition Strategies for Military Veterans

Tuesday Lecture & Wednesday/Thursday RSD
Tuesday: 4-5:15 pm, 114 Arts & Science
Wednesday: 2-2:50 pm, 119 Strickland
Thursday: 4-4:50 pm, 109 Strickland)

Course Description:

The course will explore the special skills of military veterans, as well as the needs and challenges that they face when negotiating their MU undergraduate careers. The course will include intensive consideration of the academic skills necessary for success at MU, as well as resources available to veterans on campus and in the community. In the context of the course, veteran undergraduates will engage in an assessment of their personal and professional skills and methods for integrating these skills into academic success. In addition, the course will cover such topics as: learning and research strategies, formal paper writing skills, veteran-specific resources on campus and within the community, approaches to choosing a major and creating an academic plan, career exploration and constructing a resume to reflect military experiences, guest speakers and personal development opportunities.
Additional Information:

SSC 1150: Learning & Transition Strategies for Military Veterans meets regularly twice a week. The first weekly meeting combines the entire class for the lecture, and students meet again in a smaller discussion section later in the week. For some information presentations, the two discussion sections will meet together in a combined class rather than as separate groups.

Lectures feature guest speakers who present information on resources at the University, veterans-related benefits and services, and offer their expertise on academic skills and learning strategies. Panels of presenters, including veterans from campus and the community, are also utilized. The goal of the course is to provide a solid foundation of information and resources that student veterans can incorporate into their academic experience. Discussion sections will be smaller and focused on group discussions about class material.

Veterans have significant ownership of the class and active participation and feedback is expected. Students are able to request particular speakers or information, and the instructors will work to include the related information or resources into the semester schedule. In addition to participation, students will complete several written assignments, including an online assessment, group project, professional resume and a "letter to a future veteran."


Enrollment in this course is limited to student veterans and requires a permission number. For questions on how to enroll, contact either the MU Veteran Center at or Cara Gallup in the Office of Service-Learning at

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