Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Free Money for MSVA - Student Veteran Survey


One of our own MU student-veterans, David Shwalb, is finishing up his PhD so he can go back on Active Duty. He needs us to fill out a 15-20 minute online survey for him, and he's donating $3.33 to the MSVA for every survey completed (up to $700). That means if 210 veterans fill out this survey, that is $700 that we will have for tailgates, MSVA activities, etc. David is also giving away several $100 personal prizes, so please take the time to fill it out. The link is:

Below you'll also find an email from David, which describes his study in more detail.


Dear Student-Veteran,

My name is David and I’m a grad student and military veteran working on my dissertation research project at the University of Missouri. I looking for student-veterans attending college full-time who are willing to complete a brief internet-based survey as part of my research. I’m studying how hope, support, and stress affect veterans in higher education.

For each survey completed by a student-veteran at your school, I will donate $3.33 to your school’s Student Veterans Association, up to $700. Additionally, when you complete the survey you can also enter a drawing for one of three $100 gift certificates to Walmart.

If you are interested, please click on the survey link below. Also, if you know people who might be interested, please forward this e-mail to them. If you have access to e-mail listserves (through work or school), please consider posting this message about the study. The study link is:

This study has been approved by the University of Missouri's Institutional Review Board. If you have any questions, please contact me at 801-669-1217, or at Thank you for your consideration!

Very Respectfully,
David Shwalb, M.S.
Doctoral Student, University of Missouri
Department of Education, School and Counseling Psychology

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Mission Continues: Two Months of Service

The Mission Continues: Two Months of Service

September 11th to Veterans Day: Honor our Heroes by Serving your Community

From 9/11 to 11/11, The Mission Continues will unify the country in two months of service projects to honor the fallen and our veterans. In the memory of 9/11 , Mission Continues volunteers across the nation will serve their country by serving their communities. Veterans, active duty service members, military families, and supporters will come together to help others in need. This service movement will offer various service opportunities throughout September, October and November, culminating in our Veterans Day Celebration and nationwide service projects on November 11th with Target.

Join the movement

If you are a veteran we urge you to call on your strengths and leadership skills to serve your community. If you have never served in the military, this is your chance to step forward by joining our veterans and say thank you by serving your community alongside them.

The Mission Continues believes the best way to honor those who have served and continue to serve is to live their beliefs, and serve as they have. To honor our Fellows, all our veterans and the accomplishments of Mission Continues volunteers, we will be working to strengthen communities from coast to coast. Whether you have devoted your life to service, volunteered occasionally, or have yet to lend a hand in your community, you can make a difference. Join our volunteers across the nation in performing meaningful service projects.

9/11: National Day of Service and Remembrance

Pledge to volunteer or coordinate a service project in commemoration of the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Service projects will be held on or around Saturday, September 11, 2010. Learn more about our September 11th service projects.

The Mission Continues with United Way in St. Louis
The Mission Continues with MetLife in the Midwest (more information coming soon)
The Mission Continues with Student Veterans of America across the nation (more information coming soon)

Veterans Day: The Mission Continues with Target

The Mission Continues Veterans Day 2010 will celebrate our Service Fellows and engage thousands of volunteers in a nationwide service initiative with Target. Learn more here .

The Mission Continues...recognizing contributions volunteers and veterans make every day across the country, and challenging all Americans to step forward and help wherever there is need.

Questions? Email Chris Martinez at

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wounded Warrior Project - Purple Heart Open

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) for Student Veterans of America (SVA)

Veterans and Supporters,
The CFC (Combined Federal Campaign) is getting ready to go out to all units and this year the SVA is listed as a group to donate to.  One of the great things about it is that 100% of all donations go directly to the SVA, no skimmed percentages for admin. personnel, etc.  Please spread the word.  

Mizzou Student Veterans Association Golf Tourney

Veterans and Supporters,
The MSVA is teaming up with local busnesses and supporters to raise money for the MSVA.  We will be doing a scramble golf tournament at Columbia Country Club.  If you and anyone you know that like to play golf please pass this along.  The money raised will be put back into events for us.  Plus, this is going to be a great time.  I have attached a flyer with all the important information.  All veterans and supporters,  that are interested can contact Nick Kundert at and/or the new Internal Vice President Jevin Anderson . This event is also on Facebook on the MSVA page. 
The MSVA has been given 15 teams of 4 to play at minimal cost. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mizzou Student Veterans Association Fall '10 BBQ

Please join the MSVA for a Fall Semester ’10 kick off BBQ event. Free Beer, Free Food, and a Free Good Time. This event will be held at Peace Park, on the downtown side of University of Missouri Campus. We hope to see everyone there…

2010 SVA National Conference Registration

Student Veterans,

It is our pleasure to announce the 2010 SVA National Conference sponsored by the Bob Woodruff Foundation will take place on the historic campus of Georgetown University at the Georgetown University Hotel and Conference Center in our nation's capital,Washington D.C. from October 1 through October 4, 2010. This year's national conference will be proudly hosted by SVA's member chapter at Georgetown University. This year's national conference will be a great opportunity for you and your chapter to learn how you can improve your SVA member chapter through the various workshops we will host. Additionally, you can meet fellow student veteran campus leaders from across the nation and see what is working at their schools and share what works on yours. Finally, we will also address some of the annual organizational tasks associated with SVA such as national elections for the 2010-2011 school year.

Register today by clicking here or going to

Register for accommodations at Georgetown University Hotel and Conference Center (GUHCC) by calling (202) 687-3200 and asking for SVA's discounted rate of $109/night (a $90 discount for our members and attendees!)

JUST IN! SVA will offer a complimentary hotel room [base rate and tax for both nights] to the first 10 SVA chapters registering at least 2 people and which are located further than 100 miles from DC. To be eligible, a chapter representative must have registered on the official conference webpage and book a room at the hotel. Once SVA has confirmed both the registration and hotel reservation for the first 10 chapters, an SVA representative will send an official offer for a complimentary room during the national conference. SVA will only cover the room's base rate plus tax for the nights indicated upon the member's checkout. The member will be responsible for the room and they will be charged for any incidentals in connection with their stay during the conference (i.e. room service or damage) or if the chapter fails to send 2 representatives to the national conference. The complimentary rooms will be awarded on a first come, first served basis. Please email with a subject heading of "Free Room Offer" if you have any questions.
Additional information such as speakers, sessions and registration will follow in the coming weeks. We are still in the midst of planning and coordinating this conference, so if you have any ideas of programs you would like to see or host, would like to assist with the planning, or have any questions or concerns please contact us at Otherwise, we will keep in touch and we hope to see you all this October.

Still have questions? Contact us @

Learning & Transition Strategies for Military Veterans

Fall 2010: SSC 1150, Section 25
Learning & Transition Strategies for Military Veterans

Tuesday Lecture & Wednesday/Thursday RSD
Tuesday: 4-5:15 pm, 114 Arts & Science
Wednesday: 2-2:50 pm, 119 Strickland
Thursday: 4-4:50 pm, 109 Strickland)

Course Description:

The course will explore the special skills of military veterans, as well as the needs and challenges that they face when negotiating their MU undergraduate careers. The course will include intensive consideration of the academic skills necessary for success at MU, as well as resources available to veterans on campus and in the community. In the context of the course, veteran undergraduates will engage in an assessment of their personal and professional skills and methods for integrating these skills into academic success. In addition, the course will cover such topics as: learning and research strategies, formal paper writing skills, veteran-specific resources on campus and within the community, approaches to choosing a major and creating an academic plan, career exploration and constructing a resume to reflect military experiences, guest speakers and personal development opportunities.
Additional Information:

SSC 1150: Learning & Transition Strategies for Military Veterans meets regularly twice a week. The first weekly meeting combines the entire class for the lecture, and students meet again in a smaller discussion section later in the week. For some information presentations, the two discussion sections will meet together in a combined class rather than as separate groups.

Lectures feature guest speakers who present information on resources at the University, veterans-related benefits and services, and offer their expertise on academic skills and learning strategies. Panels of presenters, including veterans from campus and the community, are also utilized. The goal of the course is to provide a solid foundation of information and resources that student veterans can incorporate into their academic experience. Discussion sections will be smaller and focused on group discussions about class material.

Veterans have significant ownership of the class and active participation and feedback is expected. Students are able to request particular speakers or information, and the instructors will work to include the related information or resources into the semester schedule. In addition to participation, students will complete several written assignments, including an online assessment, group project, professional resume and a "letter to a future veteran."


Enrollment in this course is limited to student veterans and requires a permission number. For questions on how to enroll, contact either the MU Veteran Center at or Cara Gallup in the Office of Service-Learning at

Reply from Chancellor Brady Deaton '10

Mizzou Student Veterans Association - Letter to Chancellor Brady Deaton '10

Chancellor Deaton,

We would first like to thank you for your efforts in making this campus veteran friendly. The continuous effort of the University of Missouri-Columbia’s (UMC) students, faculty, and staff has made a tremendous difference in the well-being of Mizzou student veterans. There has been much progress in the past few years, and we continue to build on this success.

The new University of Missouri Veterans Center (MUVC) in the Memorial Student Union has made a tremendous impact on our efforts in assisting veterans and their families. MUVC currently serves around 450 students, including those honorably discharged, on active duty, guard and reserve veterans, as well as family members of retired, disabled, or deceased veterans. We would like to thank the new Veterans Center director, Carol Fleisher, the new student services adviser, Dawn Copeland, and the Veterans Center student workers, as well as those in Enrollment Management who have put a lot of hard work into making sure that the MUVC is a success.

Over the past year, many University of Missouri student veterans have represented (UMC) and the Mizzou Student Veterans Association (MSVA) in multiple conferences to discuss issues important to student veterans. The most recent conference was held July 30th - 31st in Kansas City. MO. MSVA President Kevin Jones, President Emeritus Daniel Sewell, Vice President Jevin Anderson, and student veteran James Sander attended the first Student Veterans of America (SVA) South-Central Annual Conference. Other Midwest Colleges in attendance were The Universities of Kansas, Texas, Houston, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and many more. Many issues relevant to student veterans were discussed including mental issues of student veterans returning to college, financial and disability aid for student veterans, and community and student group development. You will be happy to know that the MSVA and the MUVC are both at the forefront as one of the most developed and sophisticated university organizations.

The MSVA has also been working with other organizations and legislators to increase awareness for veteran needs throughout the community and the State. This has brought recognition to our organization. A few of the projects that the MSVA is currently working on include: state and national veteran legislation; fall golf tournament hosted by the Core 20 of Columbia to raise money and awareness for the MSVA and student veterans; and Oh Yes I Can, a Missouri nonprofit corporation created by Patricia Hoddinott which provides free scuba diving training and certification for handicapped/combat challenged veterans. In addition to the programs and events mentioned above, the MSVA continues to collaborate with the University of Missouri Students Association (MSA), University of Missouri Student Org, and University of Missouri Student Life to increase campus awareness issues unique to student veterans. This year the MSVA will once again plan activities and celebrate the 4th Annual University of Missouri Veterans Week. Veterans Week has grown to become a tradition for our University of Missouri students, faculty, and staff, and we are thankful for the opportunity to provide learning opportunities to the community.

You can look forward to more news as the Mizzou Student Veterans Association and University of Missouri Veterans Center continue to develop and improve. We would like to thank you for your support of student veterans, and appreciate your continued support in making MU a veteran friendly institution.


Executive Board

Mizzou Student Veterans Association